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Our Story


The summer of 2017 marks our seventeeth year at the Cove Cafe’. In 2001, we first opened our little cafe. We work diligently to make it a friendly, cozy, family run eatery providing great food, some Perkins Cove history, and a place where everyone feels welcome. 



If you are one of our wonderful returning customers, you will notice that not much changes over the years. We maintain our seasoned, faithful staff working to continue their education, make a better life for themselves and their families, and just to have a little fun.

Jenn has been with us since the beginning and, despite, teaching full time and raising her boys, she still likes to get in a few shifts here and there. Louise, although busy raising her two beautiful children, is ever so dependable and always a pleasure to have on board. Alyssia just can’t stay away either. She travels the world, but she always returns to Maine. Like Louise, she is here spring, summer, and fall. They take over while most of us return to our various schools. Rachel continues to work hard during the summer to pay for her college education. She graduated from college in May, but she is with us for the summer. Mel has just completed her second year of teaching and she is getting married in August! Cheryl is also back again this year. She and Heidi continue the race of who can have the most grandchildren! Cheryl is winning. Alexa is back for her second year. She is a local and has also just graduated from college. She will be pursuing her Master's Degree in the fall. . Emma is back in her second season. She will be a junior at Saint Thomas Aquinas. Chauncey is new this year. She is with us from Georgia and this is her first job.

You will probably see a lot less of Jen this summer because she is extremely busy with her three children. She and Kevin both worked hard teaching all winter and also want to have some time with their children Lilla, Virginia, and Colin. We still expect Kevin to put some time in though, so Heidi, (Nee Nee) can have time with the kids as well.

Nate and Ashley have recently moved back from Virginia. They are Lieutenants in the United States Coast Guard. Nate is stationed on a cutter in Portsmouth and Ashley is in Portland. They now have two little boys, William and Andrew. 


The smiling face you see behind the line with Jeb is Carlton. He has been with us for a long time and we so appreciate his hard work, passion, and commitment to the Cove Cafe’. Tresha is also in the back helping out. She works evenings at Jonathans.


Together we will continue to work hard to provide you with a wonderful dining experience, but when we close the door in the afternoon we will be enjoying life and family! We hope you do the same!

Jeb, Heidi and Family

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